Rules and Expectations

Pontyclun Business Community commits to the following for all its members:

  1. Low cost networking on a bimonthly basis at Sovereign Connect, Pontyclun
  2. Structured organised meetings facilitated by John Enticott.
  3. Updated business contact details of each member on the Pontyclun Business Community website.
  4. Marketing promotion via social media and email marketing.

Each member is expected to contribute to the group at every meeting. Contributions can be made by one or more of the following:

  1. Bringing visitors to the group.
  2. Producing testimonials for other members of the group.
  3. Passing qualified referrals to fellow members.
  4. Assisted with the last meetings group requests.

Members must contribute:

  • a minimum of one referral, testimonial, 121 or visitor at every meeting;
  • a minimum of one 121 undertaken with another group member each calendar month
  • a maximum of one absence in every four consecutive meetings (excluding loss of loved ones and extreme circumstances*). No more than three absences in a year (including one holiday)

Please note:

  • Arriving late (after 6.30am) or leaving early (before 8.00am) counts as an absence.
  • Non-compliance with the above rules will result in a warning at the first instance. After the second occurrence, the member will be asked to leave the group.
  • Performance will be monitored and discussed at the meeting on a quarterly basis.

Failure to comply with the above will result in the termination of the member’s membership, there are no exceptions to the rules

Membership costs:

  • £240.00 per year- Membership Fee to be paid in full in advance via GoCardless
  • £20 per month – contributary fee for the costs associated with running the meetings

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