About Pontyclun Business Community

Pontyclun Business Community was set up in February 2011 to offer cost effective networking opportunities to businesses in South Wales. Its function is to offer professional networking at little cost.

All our members are active within the group and have a role to play, our organisation and no profit is generated or paid to any member. All members volunteer their time to run the meetings and participate.


PBC History

The group’s founder Mr John Enticott uses his many years’ experience of professional networking to apply a structured agenda and format suitable for networkers of all levels. From “start up” to “corporate” level John uses the groups 200+ combined business years’ experience to share and deliver support in both business and networking activity.

Pontyclun Business Community started out as a local business support group for the Pontyclun and surrounding area, the groups success has resulted in offering the support to a wider audience and now we deliver support and networking opportunities to businesses in the South Wales area.

We are always looking for new members to add skills and quality to our group.

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